Hofi Mango offers the visitor an unforgettable, unique experience; nature and local culture are of paramount importance, just like the comfort and service for the guests. Whether you come to relax in nature, to absorb all the beauty of the island, for a sporty walk, a meditation or beautiful views, cooling waters, an enchanting forest… Hofi Mango has it all.

Each garden has its own qualities and characteristics that make it special, making Hofi Mango a unique location. The combination of colors introduces you to the rich Curaçao history, which was hidden until now. A visit to Hofi Mango feels like an ‘out of the body experience’ where all the hectic pace of the outside world comes to a complete standstill, leaving only room for is for inner peace. The several gardens range from classic to modern, from religious to complete freedom, from a subtle scream to deafening silences. Everything is possible in Hofi Mango. Many books have been written about the most sought-after garden on earth. But until now no one has been able to trace the location. One calls it a paradise, the other calls it the Garden of Eden.


The sugar mill on Hofi Mango is the only sugar mill on the Leeward and Windward Islands


This place is indicated on the NAME heritage list as places of remembrance and will eventually be included in the national list


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Stairway to heaven

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tombe Willen von Uytrecht

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