Green paradise on Curaçao

Experience the nature of Curaçao! The beautiful historic Hofi Mango was set up as a plantation in 1707. In addition to mangoes, other crops were also grown, such as sugar cane. The traditional rum of Curaçao was distilled from this sugar cane, with the name “Geldduivel”. The sugar cane was pressed in a specially built sugar mill; a windmill after the Dutch model. This historic sugar mill is the only one in the Caribbean and is the eye-catcher of Hofi Mango.
The thousand centuries-old mango trees form the green heart of the park. Nowhere on Curaçao will you find a historic forest with such old trees. In the rainy season, beautiful streams flow through the mango forest. Many products are made from the mangoes. Of course you can taste some of them on our terrace.
Via a beautifully landscaped walking route you wander through the shady forest, through our palm garden and several flower gardens. You may see the white-tailed deer or the wild pigs. You will definitely see different types of birds, dragonflies, butterflies, lizards and bees.
The 24-hectare park is best viewed from the hill in the middle of the park. Here is the work of art “The hands of God” and you have a beautiful view of the Christoffelberg. You can experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets.